Do You Know About The Different Kinds Of Water Purification Systems?

Everybody needs clean drinking water to stay healthy and alive and also to help with proper hygiene. Not all tap water is safe, depending on where you are. That’s why it’s important to use water purification systems to have safe, drinking water at all times. Many people use water treatment systems in their homes as well. Here are several kinds of water purification and water treatment methods used to maintain clean and safe drinking water.

1. Distillation

This method has stood the test of time and is one of the oldest water purification methods around. Water is boiled until it turns to vapour. In a different area of the process, the steam cools and condenses back into water. This water is now pure water. The good thing about this is the fact that many contaminants are completely removed. The distilling process removes a lot of oxygen, so the drawback is that the water tastes a little flat.

2. Reverse Osmosis

This is another water treatment system that’s widely used. In this method, water is sent through liquids that are separated by a permeable film. Eventually, the water passes through and leaves all the impurities behind. Unlike distillation where much oxygen is removed, this method allows oxygen through the filter, so the water tastes better than distilled water. The drawback is that it’s a slow process and the filters have to be changed regularly by professionals.

3. Carbon Adsorption

This method is popular for domestic drinking water. Activated carbon removes chemicals and gases from water as well as odours. It also helps to remove the unwanted taste. This method is not only good for households and communities but also for industrial purposes. Though it does a good job, it can also get pretty expensive due to the regular replacement of filter material.

4. Ion Exchange

Percolating water via resin material that look like beads is how this method works. Ions are exchanged with other ions that are attached to the beads. This method also removes undesirable contaminants. An ion going into the bead is replaced by one coming out. The ions being exchanged must have the same electric sign.

Popular water treatment systems can be screwed right into the faucet of your kitchen sinks. This is a very simple and convenient method and as the water is turned on, it’s cleaned before coming out. They make use of cartridges which are easy to change and are not very expensive. Then there is the simple jug or pitcher system which we’ve all seen, which is another simple way to have clean drinking water. For those who prefer a more elaborate system, there are water purification systems to fit any budget. Visit Global Hydration to learn more information.